With Love

1 Peter 4:8

Photo by Gui França / Unsplash

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8, ESV

Why is it easier to criticize than to compliment? Love is meant to cause us to cover other’s shortcomings or faults, but often, it seems that we find joy and pleasure in revealing the failures of others. All one needs to do is turn on the television or radio open a newspaper or magazine, and it won’t take long to find a story about someone’s failures or shortcomings. People make their entire livelihood on other people’s bad news. People of the faith are not immune to this tendency, but there is hope. Letting the love of Christ be our guide, we can find the fullness of the faith, guide our words and our views of others, and let that also adjust our view of self. The love of our Lord covers all of our shortcomings. God no longer remembers the sin in our lives, and He does not hold it over our heads, but He forgives us. 

Let us pray. I thank you, my heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, your dear Son, that you have kept me this night from all harm and danger, and I ask you to protect me this day also from sin and every evil, that in all I do today, I may please you. For into your hands, I commend myself, my body and soul, and all that is mine. Let your holy angel watch over me, that the wicked foe have no power over me. Amen.



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