In the past weeks much of the news has been centered upon this fringe movement that calls itself "Occupy".  I normally wouldn't comment about something like this, but a picture and post has me troubled because of the spiritual issues that I see within the movement.  The picture was a depiction of Jesus' cleansing of Temple and the post said "The Original Occupy Movement".  Why does this offend me so?  It is the tying of a spiritual cleansing of a holy place by the Prince of Peace who had no desire for personal gain and no guile in his attack to a group that is all about gain, covetousness, and full of guile.
Admittedly the greed that is in our society and which is being said to be the purpose of the protest is problematic.  Their are many who abuse and make their fortunes at the expense of others at times not in the most honest of ways.  Yet, when tied to the images and the cries the concept of redistribution of wealth is one centered on the covetous desire to take from another for no other reason than for the gain of those protesting.  The movement continues to breech the commandment of "Thou shalt not bear false witness."  To paint with a broad brush of all corporate leaders as if they are all greedy and cheats is a complete breech of this.  I don't believe that the intentions of the Occupy protesters are lecivious in nature however I believe that most are misinformed.  We should not stand against the acheivements of others, but pray that they are wise in their stewardship of those gifts that they have been given.  In this we know that God is the final arbiter of justice and if there is any wrong that is done leave that to Him.