In the light of the Lord, I can do nothing of my own. If I do not pray, What can I do for this World? What Hope can I have? I stand firm in the Life that is given to me, In Christ and Christ alone. It is only through His peace, That I can know the comforts of His love. The comforts that I receive, Through His warm embrace, As He carries me through the struggles Which I face. Oh, this life is but a short life, Though at times the days seem long. In the blink of an eye, I have become and old man, The graying of my hair And the dimming of my eyes. Oh, but the beauty of the love That I have received through You. You have given me the glorious Love of my life, The mother of my children, The sign of your providence. Guide me in this life, That they may be prepared for What is in store for their lives. May the peace of Your love Fill them all their lives. For this life is but a passing mist Like a dream Today I am here Tomorrow I will be no more.