This is my favorite section Scripture, the imagery, the beauty, the raw revelation. How many of us would like to have our sin revealed to us open and on the table nothing held back? I don't believe that many of us would, but that is exactly what Jesus Christ does to the Samaritan woman. A woman who had had five husbands and now was living with another man which she was not married too. How uncomfortable of a revelation. Jesus reveals and she responds in joy! What a strange response! Yet, it is what we all need and should be prepared for. Jesus didn't wag His finger at her or shame her, He just spoke plainly and openly unafraid and certain. Of course, He is God, so that gives Him the advantage, but I don't know that many of those who consider themselves to be believers would react the same way. Here's a test, when a sermon is preached that hits on some sore areas of your own life, how do you feel?
If honest, many in the church react in anger, or disgust. Often trying to drum up feelings again the pastor. I know that has been what I have experienced. Most want to blame instead of taking responsibility because the mirror that our Lord holds up for us is not the most flattering. The reality is that when we look in and face the reflection then the real work of our Lord can begin. He renews and takes those things that we don't like about ourselves, that sin, He removes it to reveal the beauty that is created within. When sin is surrounding your heart and mind, beautiful is the last word that someone can often say, because what is beautiful about negativity, what is beautiful about loathsome behavior, what is beautiful about a begrudging attitude? Nothing. Quite honestly it is gross.
The woman at the well was ashamed of her sin and when it was revealed and the gift was still offered, she celebrated and told those whom she probably could not look in the face before because of her shame. She became attractive to those who heard her that they went to find out the truth for themselves and came to Jesus Christ. They came to believe. Are you attractive in your life that others desire to know more about your Lord? If not, it may be that you are needing to let go of some of that ugliness that you may think you are hiding, quit blaming others for your sin, but claim it and give it to God that it can be taken away and let the true beauty be revealed from within. Be blessed and drink deeply of the Living Waters that you may be renewed. Amen.