Ezekiel 47:9

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And wherever the river goes, every living creature that swarms will live, and there will be very many fish. For this water goes there, that the waters of the sea may become fresh; so everything will live where the river goes.

Ezekiel 47:9, ESV

Fresh water is precious for life, just as our Lord is precious for our life. With all the pollution that fills our lives and our world robbing us of life, when we turn to Jesus, we are made clean fresh. We are given new life. The weight and the burden of the wrongs we do in life, sin, seek to drive us away from life, away from God. The greatest tragedy of the Fall in the Garden is that it drove all humanity away from freely walking in God’s presence to being less afraid of the lies of Satan and more afraid of God. Through the waters of Baptism, we are washed and renewed. Trust in God; Trust in Jesus. Walk in the Promises of Baptism.

Let us pray. I thank you, my heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, your dear Son, that you have kept me this night from all harm and danger, and I ask you to protect me this day also from sin and every evil, that in all I do today, I may please you. For into your hands, I commend myself, my body and soul, and all that is mine. Let your holy angel watch over me, that the wicked foe have no power over me. Amen.



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