The Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim and his team at Faith Inkubators have a great concept of raising up children and youth to be raised in the faith. This is an especially important topic since the statistics are showing that each generation is growing up less and less "churched" and we see the percentage of those faithful worshippers increasingly in decline. I probably should have recommended this long ago, since I was able to preview and review his latest book Holding Your Family Together which is a great highlight of the Faith5 concept.  Since I reviewed it, I have been moved on how to develop the tool for broader use. What God has placed on my heart is the reality of the five elements of Faith5, they are Share, Read, Talk, Pray, and Bless, are centered around the liturgy. We come together and Share with one another in Confession, Absolution, among other elements of our worship life, we come together around the Word as it is read, we speak of the Word with the Proclamation in the Sermon, we pray together, and we leave with a blessing. So, the concept can teach us how to live a liturgical life that connects generations by uniting us in worship in all the basic elements of our life together as we reach out into the world. When we can do these with one another naturally in our worshipping life together and begin to see how we are called to live that out in the world, since it all calls us to a worship practice centered in the Word we can begin to live our daily life centered in the Word also.