God is in control, Christ is in control! It's all the same and as we move forward in this time it is good to remember that! The economy is horrible and we all know that! We hear the news and often times we cry out, "God, why!" What can we do? Well, in reality NOTHING! We can not make the markets get better, we can not make the gas prices go down, we can not make food prices go down! We can not make it one degree warmer or cooler! We are not in control! That's the point! So, what can we do that will in and of itself evoke change, NOTHING. What we can do, however, is pray! Now some of you may be thinking, "OK, pastor, great! That is what I have been doing and it is still difficult, it is still hard!"

Not to sound glib, but the answer is again PRAY! Pray not only for the things to be as you hope or you wish, but pray that God will work within you to see that those things that you hope for or those things that you wish to be a certain way are truly in line with what God desires. Our God has said, "Your ways are not my ways!" So, why not believe that He means what He says!

We are not called to look out to God and search for the responses and actions that we desire, but we are to seek after His heart! That is why the imperfect David was still beloved by God! So much so that He established the lineage of His only begotten son, Jesus the Christ, to be in the line of David. David was by no means perfect, but is called by God to be a man "after His own heart." Isn't that just amazing that God would so love one that was murderous, adulterous, lustful, deceitful, greedy, and the like to be "after His own heart." Because when confronted with the reality of his sinfulness, David repented.

God is a God of wonder and awe. He is a provider and when we cede our control to Him, it is amazing! So in this day let Christ be in control and let Him guide your actions and see what happens.