In the business world it could be said that I am developing my brand. A Church Rated,, is a personal ministry that I am working on as I am in transition. The Lord has placed on my heart a passion for His Church and part of that passion is helping others think intentionally about ministry. I know I am not alone in this, there are a many a great thinker which I have learned and grown quite a bit from in the realm of what is now being coined as Cross-Generational Worship in our age. Nothing is truly new about this, but something that we are reclaiming in our post-modern/post-Christendom age. The effects of this is seen in how society is transitioning away from what were once thought of as given in the norms of society is questioned - some for the better, i.e. treatment of the aging, disabled, and women, but others could be debated, i.e. modern understandings of sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual freedom. The focus of A Church Rated is on families and reclaiming family as the center of faith development, developing ways to care for the other that most congregations seek to welcome, and breaking the generational barriers that have developed in the congregations today. I hope this to be a place to grow in faith together as the central passion is to be a light in the darkness, a lighthouse in the midst of the fog of secularism. I look forward to the conversation and how our Lord builds up His Church.

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