Simultaneously Saint and Sinner

Pastor Chris Byars

I am a Lutheran Pastor and have been blessed to be called to serve St. John’s Lutheran Church in Gillett, WI since October of 2020. I have served parishes in Florida, Indiana, and now Wisconsin. I am blessed with a wonderful wife, Dawn, and through her God has given us six beautiful children. As a homeschool family life is interesting, but our greatest hope is to raise our children in a strong Christian faith and be a light of hope in Christ to the world.

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  1. I am about to write and post a review of Abraham: Following God’s Promises. Any additional insights you’ve gleaned by actually using the material will be welcomed!

    • Chris,
      The material is wonderful and leads you along a path of the life of Abraham giving you insight into how we are ourselves. You cover the issues of his obedience, but also his rebellion. Abraham’s trusting, but also his fear and distrust. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have with my congregation and I will look to use it again in the future!


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