Here We Stand….

As a congregation we are focusing on the concepts of Heaven, Hell, and Evangelism as something which forms our ministry and its impact in the community and the world. Heaven is something that all people are happy to discuss and if we thought about how many conversations begin, especially at the passing of a loved one, that it seems that most everyone will go there without regard to their faith life or witness while they were alive. It is often centered on the idea, “Well, they were a good person.” We often hear this when we speak of faith with those that don’t go to church, “I’m a good person!”
How we view Heaven and Hell truly do shape how we do evangelism. It is that important. Will everyone that’s “good” go to Heaven? If someone does not ever hear the Gospel God wouldn’t send them to Hell, would He? Is Heaven guaranteed because I go to church?
These are some deep questions which we will continue to address and work through in this time! See you Sunday!

About revcbyars

Pastor and founder of A Church Rated Ministries focusing on helping Christians in our mission to reach out to those that don't know Christ and be transformative in our communities. I am an orthodox, evangelical, charismatic, confessional Lutheran Christian desiring to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all and loving to watch the Holy Spirit transform lives! I am a husband and a father that seeks to be the spiritual head of my household in the position which God has called me. I am the pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church in Gillett, WI and called to faithfully lead in the Gospel to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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